Mary, mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Well my name may not be Mary and I am not sure I consider myself contrary… so let’s talk gardens instead.

I don’t pretend to really know anything about gardening and growing veggies, so if you are looking for a blog on gardening advice you are in the wrong spot. What I do know is that I have a passion for fresh organic food and that is how I wanted our garden to be, producing beautiful fresh organic veggies.

With this in mind, after moving in to our house we began our garden, off to the hardware store to purchase a garden bed, phoning the local soil supplier to get soil delivered and off to the nursery for some plants.

We came home eager and ready to work that day, putting together a garden bed with the close supervision of the site operations manager (Missy aka: our Doberman) and site supervisor (Snikkers aka: our chocolate lab). We built it, filled it with soil and even built some smaller boxes for herbs in another part of our yard.

Here are some pics of the progress that first day.


I remember our sense of achievement when it was done, so much so we got another garden bed the week after and planted more….. eagerly watering, waiting and wishing for it to grow.

It wasn’t long before we realised that we needed something to keep the bugs away.. So on came the glasses out came the laptop and madly googling natural ways to get rid of bugs and creepy crawlies from gardens, if we didn’t do something soon we wouldn’t get any veggies as they would all be eaten!!!!

We eventually decided on some fine bird netting to go over the garden, gave it some good compost and picked off any creepy crawlies, I also added some egg shells to the garden bed as they are sharp to help discourage little crawlies.

The first months passed by. We got lots of what I thought were snow peas that we planted, but that looked bulkier when they developed and tasted different… Tim suggested they may be actual peas, I insisted no……. Turns out they were (insert embarrassed face here) he was very gracious about it not giving me to hard a time.

We soon left on a two week holiday to Hawaii and when we returned the garden was thriving we were so pleased to see broccoli, carrots, lettuce, beans and couldn’t wait to eat it all.

Once picking some our vegetables though we soon realised we still had a lot to learn, Tim planted the carrots to close together and they came out in one big bunch hugging each other very tightly (I did give him a hard time over that one all in good humour though), we only got a small amount of broccoli from that plant although the taste was amazing.

Our garden has come a long way since then, In my next post I will share some more information and progress pictures on what we have learnt and how we have expanded. I am also going to share the recipe for this amazing cake which is a little bit healthy with no refined sugar, dairy or gluten but doesn’t skimp at all on flavour, taste or satisfying that cake craving. IMG_2623



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