Wild weather, pyjamas and unicorn poop.

We have had some very wet and a little wild weather set in at our little suburban river cottage over the weekend. So much rain just when you think it might stop the down pour begins again.

It’s been constant, but it didn’t stop an adventure to a friends place last night for an awesome dinner, some drinks and fun, which was just what I needed after the end to my week… It wasn’t a great one but good laughs with friends I was able to forget about things for a while. Not to mention the amazing Spicy chilli pork goulash cooked and served to us for dinner. I will definitely be getting that recipe! This enjoyed with some beautiful champagne.

The night ending with an unexpected walk and some great dance moves, then Tim and I  sneaking off home before the downpour started again. Waking up this morning to some hilarious voice messages of “I am your father” in darth vader voice on my phone from a good friend (that started from another nights venture out) and pictures messaged of them eating the cupcakes I had made for the kids with bright pink and purple swirled icing or blue and yellow swirled icing with stars on top…. Which apparently looks like unicorn poop from an ad I had never seen before, as another friend so kindly pointed out. This had me googling ‘unicorn poop ad’, Sooooo strange if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth googling for a good laugh… I’ll never look at those cupcakes the same again.


Because of the continuation of bad weather today it has been a Pj day on the lounge, apart from braving the weather to head out with the inlaws for breakfast which by the way was amazing, and a big thank you to them for shouting us breakfast to, a nice surprise.

We went to ‘The Blue Swimmer at Seahaven’ an amazing little restaurant in the small town of Gerroa on the NSW south coast about a ten minute drive from our home. Breakfast was so good, I had the smashed avo with chilli lemon and fetta on gluten free toast with a side of bacon, the hint of chilli hitting my tongue through the creaminess of the avocado, while the tanginess of the lemon and tart fetta all melted together in my mouth… Each flavour worked so well together. Tim had the bacon and egg roll with tomato relish. My skim cappuccino was made to perfection and Tim’s death by chocolate milkshake so much chocolately goodness. Always the gentleman he offers for me to taste his drink before he drinks it. So for anyone passing through Gerroa or staying nearby. I would recommend you stop for breakfast or lunch. http://www.theblueswimmer.com.au

So as I mentioned after braving the weather for breakfast with roads beginning to flood and trees down, we ventured home to change in to our pyjamas, place some lamb shanks in to the slow cooker…. frying off some onion, then adding some garlic, shallots carrot and mushrooms, after a few moments adding tomato paste, basil, salt, pepper, oregano, tinned crushed tomatoes and stock. giving this a stir letting it thicken a little and placing this over the lamb shanks with some red wine and set for 6 hours.

As we were having our lazy day inside, the power went off, the power came back on. More roads closed around us and warnings of possible flooding in our street later tonight. Winds have kept howling and our outdoor undercover deck is covered in water, leaves and debris. We had one branch fall from a tree in the backyard, one mysterious bang we still don’t know what it was. Trying to convince one 12 year old Missy doberman that she still needs to go out in the rain to pee….. well it takes a lot we tried and ended up having to venture out with her and I gave her a good nudge on to the grass, while she looked back up at me with those eyes and look of disgust I should put her out in the cold wet rain, but she went and then ran as quick as lightening back inside.

It was while we were outdoors we noticed ‘Robert’ our raspberry plant had been blown down in the wind, not wanting his fragile stem to break we needed to add some extra supports.. No time to waste we were out adding supports to keep Robert being battered by the strong winds, all this done in our pyjamas….. because well we were comfy and as Tim said “looking after our own suburban river cottage doesn’t stop because of weather or pyjamas”

I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of Tim and his Monkey pyjama pants ‘hehehe’


As I type this now one said doberman and chocolate labrador have a bad case of ‘cabin fever’ rolling around nudging, growling and playing with one another right on my feet. I caught Missy for a moment this morning beside our bed head down looking out the window like she was really sad the bad weather was still there.


I don’t want to complain about the rain as we need it, we have not had much, but on the same token I hope everyone stays warm and safe. I know where we are in our street no flooding should reach us, but I am hoping for those around us and closer to the river that it will not rise as predicted.

I must admit our meal tonight was the perfect comfort food, I made some creamy garlic mash to accompany our tomato, red wine and garlic lamb shanks with some steamed broccoli and parmesan grilled zucchini. My belly is so full and could possibly even give Tim’s belly a run for it’s money in size!


Well I leave you all with that tonight as I go to snuggle for an early night with a peppermint tea while watching tonight’s episode of Masterchef, with some weather warnings still in sight I will be up at my 4:30am wake to see if Robert survived the winds and if I will actually be able to get to work in the morning.






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