Lazy Sunday Mornings!

You don’t realise how dusty the laptop screen is until you sit with it in the sun! Time to clean the screen I think!

It has been a couple of weeks since I have had the chance to write which is a shame, but that’s what happens winter hits, you feel a little under the weather, combine that with travel for work and being busy planning projects and looking after home stuff, Sometimes life gets on top of us…. That has been me this week and my body has reminded me of that having to take a sick day towards the end of the week to rest.

So this morning it’s a lazy Sunday morning spent at home, lazy Sunday mornings are the best! especially now, we have a beautiful deck to sit on which gets the morning sunshine, I got to pick fresh spinach and herbs from our garden to go in my late sunday morning breakfast, make my coffee using the fresh almond milk I made myself… so good. So this morning I sat out on the deck enjoying my spinach, mushroom, capsicum spicy omelette with some pan fried fresh prosciutto and my coffee. As I type Tim’s in bed having been on night shift last night so I am enjoying the sunshine on my own this morning, well with the company of two puppies of course. It’s probably good Tim is in bed sleeping as it means I made my own coffee, I love Tim dearly and he always offers to make my coffee but not being a coffee drinker well……. let’s just say I think he is trying to sabotage my love of coffee, in fact maybe that has been his plan all along!!! That’s it I have caught on Timothy you are hoping I will stop drinking coffee if you keep making it really bad right?

Theres the licking of some lips from the puppies waiting for what they think will be theres and of course they always get a little bit even if it’s the crust from my quinoa bread!

A couple of weeks ago I really got to feel the winter chill, being sent to Cooma and Thredbo for work and of course while I was there it happened to snow!!! -2 degrees during the day it was just a little chilly, and while travelling so often for work can be difficult at times, I got to see some amazing scenery and I have to say being away from home so often makes you appreciate it even more when you return, I feel blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world and blessed for the home we have.

A few pics from my snowy adventures, I only wish I had been there to enjoy it for a holiday and not working.

Our garden is going amazingly! The broccoli is growing by the day, there is still an abundance of snow peas even after giving some away, I saw this morning that some more beetroots have popped out the surface and looks ready to pick, the garlic looks strong as does the lemongrass and onions, I have been using carrots in our meals they are growing a little better than the last time we tried although still room for improvement. We brought some nice organic liquid fertiliser yesterday to give the garden some good healthy nutrients.

This week saw Tim and I celebrate 2 years together! It can be amazing how quickly time can go and also amazing how I feel like we have known each other so much longer… A lot has happened in those two years, getting to know one another, me moving here, buying our home, a trip to Hawaii, working on our garden and cooking, Tim registering a business name for this surf photography MaggSea… which I have to say is absolutely amazing, if you haven’t already it is worth checking out his Facebook page, we have so many more photos being added regularly and they look great on glass. I am so proud of him and don’t know how he gets out in that cold winter water.

There’s the link and here is just one of his amazing pictures!

Shimmer copy

It’s funny at times, having grown up by the ocean Tim is so confident in the water, me not so much, so we now have a deal…. He is teaching me to duck dive under the waves, While I am trying to help him get fitter and be able to touch his toes 😛 so whoever can do said task by December wins and the other has to buy them dinner…. I think I may be in for the win with this one jut quietly as his little belly is in the way of reach of his toes!

Tim’s even bigger task is to teach me to surf by March next year, if he can do this I said we would go stay on the gold coast for the surf pro championships. Now I can paddle board on the river just fine, but surfing in the waves 😮 not so sure about that!!! The first time Tim took me on the paddle board in the ocean ended in swearing, lost sunglasses, some tears but you know what in the end I did it, stood up and paddled through some smaller waves… So I should have more confidence in his ability to teach me and push me beyond what I think my limits are.


I have been googling places to stay in New York and Toronto for part of our trip, I realised that we now only really have three months left of planning then we are off 😮  It is going so quickly, so we need to be a little more organised…. It’s so exciting and I can not wait, but any recommendations of places to stay and eat while we are in the US would be appreciated!! Keeping in mind my ceoliacs so I need gluten free…. I have been keeping an eye on instagram and have found what looks like some amazing places already, I think it will be hard to see them all.

I have three cake orders coming up to complete for friends, I am so excited, I love creating with the cakes, and they are all so different to, an elegant french vanilla cake with buttercream coming up for a little girls first birthday next week and some cupcakes with sparkly unicorns on top!

A couple of weeks after two cakes, a request for a purple cake with flowers a rainbow and wanting some my little ponies placed on top, and then a special colourful cake for a little girl I know with lots of pizzaz! and while theres been some discussion on her likes and favourite colours, this cake is mainly up to me…. I am going to keep the details of it a surprise but I can not wait to share it with you all once it’s done, going to be trying out some new techniques!!

This will be another busy week of work ahead as I am off to Young, this has meant I have needed to do some preparation with my meals as you never know whether there will be something decent to eat depending on where you are going, so I decided as we seemed to have an abundance of cauliflower, it was time to make some cauliflower soup… I must admit the first time I thought of making this I was feeling unsure as to how it would taste, but cauliflower is an amazing vegetable and so versatile and it makes the creamiest soup! You can even add bacon or parmesan both great flavours that go with it I have experimented a few times making my own recipe so here it is.

Roast Cauliflower Soup

1 whole head of Cauliflower

2 leeks (one if they are large leeks, I had small ones)

1 brown onion

2 cloves of garlic

Spring onion

Fresh Thyme 

Chives (I used garlic chives from our garden)

Coconut oil

Parmasen (if you choose)

Bacon ( you can add this during the cooking when you fry the vegetables or Tim likes some pan fried and sprinkled on top after it is cooked) 

1 litre Chicken or vegetable stock, I used some home made chicken stock I had in the fridge. Or 3 cups of stock and one cup of milk of choice. 


Cut the whole Caulifower head in to pieces and place on to a baking tray, brush with some melted coconut oil, bake at 200C  for about 20 minutes, you can turn it half way through.

cauliflower soup 4

while the cauliflower is baking, chop the onion, garlic, leek and spring onion in to pieces, in a large saucepan in a small amount of coconut oil begin by frying the onion until soft then ad the rest of the chopped veggies and garlic frying until they begin to soften. 


Once the cauliflower has roasted nicely in the oven take this out and allow to cool for a few moments, then place in to the food processor with the vegetables, some salt and pepper to taste, fresh chives, fresh thyme and mix well until all ingredients are combined.


Transfer the mix back to the large saucepan and add in the stock, mix well you can also at this point add 1 cup of milk or almond milk as I do at times to add some more creaminess or leave it be. This time I didn’t add any although added some grated parmesan and mixed through. keep stirring over the heat until it just starts to boil then bring to a simmer for 10 minutes adding more salt and pepper if you wish. 

Once it has simmered and stock is well mixed in give one final whizz through the blender to get smoother consistency.

Then you are ready to serve, great with some crispy pan fried bacon on top and a sprinkling of parmesan and the best part is, i have some stored in containers in the freezer ready for the week ahead! Yum!!!


Well that’s enough time in the sunshine!! Well it’s never enough, but theres washing to be done and a few other bits and pieces then before I know it time to organise dinner, pack my gym bag and prepare for my 4:30am wake up tomorrow!



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