R.I.P Robert

I arrived home from Young this week to some devastating news. I got home said hello to two excited puppies and Tim looked out the window and turned to Tim and said “Robert is looking a bit sad”…. “I have some bad news” Tim replied “Roberts stem has been snapped at the bottom he hasn’t survived” 😦


So sad he was going so well, looks like Missy and Snikkers have inadvertently killed Robert! For those who do not know about Robert, Robert was our raspberry plant. We have however found the culprit under the deck which has caused the flow on affect of the puppies digging near Robert and causing his death, we have some mice who are making their way from a bird avery next door. This explains a lot as I know from previous experience Missy is obsessed with mice. She really gets herself worked up over mice, it is the only time I have seen her stand out in the rain, a dog who usually won’t even walk outside at the slightest chance of rain, if she can smell a mouse nearby thats it she is on to it nothing else matters.

Another thing the puppies are trying to kill is Tim’s new p.a’s. What are p.a’s you ask?? well we splurged and brought Tim a fancy pair of Peter Alexander ugg boots, all australian sheepskin inside. We brought them home from the shopping centre took off the tags and placed them on the floor in the bedroom. Later I hear a noise and say to Tim I wonder what the puppies have got, turns out it was the p.a’s and they had torn out a small chunk of sheepskin from the inside of the left boot! Oops, I am not sure why they did this as they don’t normally chew stuff unless it is a bone and haven’t done for five years or so :/ . We put the ugg boots back with Tim making the comment he was worried about wearing them on his feet as he may get attacked.

Next day I get home from work to be greeted by the three of them, Tim walks in the room Missy and Snikkers walk in after him, Suddenly I see out of the corner of my eye from the kitchen, one chocolate coloured puppy dog casually walking out of the room ugg boot in mouth like nothing was happening, I wish I had been able to get a photo as it looked so funny she was so sneaky yet casual about it walking out with it in her mouth like ‘nothing to see here’ however I decided it was best to rescue the p.a’s rather than get a photo. Tim couldn’t believe it “I only turned my back for a second” he said. So now he has had to take to hiding the p.a’s in the cupboard when he’s not wearing them. I must admit I am a little concerned though as he now dreamt of birds trying to take them…… I think it’s got him worried. 😛

At least we have two clean puppies, we took them to the local dog wash to bath them yesterday, this wasn’t without it’s adventures, the spray wasn’t working properly and sending water in all directions, we had to lift Snikkers in as her feet and claws were trying to dig in to the concrete and suddenly a 30kg chocolate labrador felt like she weighed 100kg oh and her hair, boy is it everywhere right now, she is shedding but it’s winter…. to the point she got vacuumed a little when we got home… yep you read right we vacuumed her… Poor Snikkers she doesn’t like it at all but it helps git rid of the hair.. Below is the cranky I have just been vacuumed look stay away from me and as for missy well her look, she just gives looks like that when she feels like it… Maybe out in sympathy with Snikkers, but they are so shiny and clean 🙂


This weekend I have spent some time when its not raining in the garden, It really is looking so good, We had fresh snow peas with dinner last night they keep growing and growing and you should see the size of them! we won’t need to buy broccoli as one bunch is ready to pick, and four more bunches are growing by the day… I picked some carrot to have with our dinner last night to, it was an interesting shaped carrot I got a picture….. but hey they are fresh, organic and chemical free so who cares what shape they are. We have picked some beetroot to go in a roast beetroot, broccoli and fetta salad tonight with our roast beef rack. I must admit though I am eager to pick the garlic but that won’t be ready until November or December :/ gah!! Waiting is hard sometimes.

It has been a busy weekend apart from tending to the garden I had a cake and cupcakes to decorate for a special little one year olds birthday, french vanilla cake with buttercream icing and egg and nut free cupcakes. With a request for simple decorating with a little bit of glitter. During the cake decorations I asked Tim to open the front door for me taking the cake outside to spread the glitter around the top exactly how I wanted it….. Only problem is we now have a sparkly front varendah and when the lights hit it at night looks like we may be ready for a disco……. oops again!!! sorry Tim, and the edible glitter is so fine it will take some time before it will go anywhere and it is everywhere, so looks like the front of our home is going to sparkle through the night over winter!

Along with the baking of the cake this afternoon I made a lemon and coconut loaf, I can however not take credit for this recipe though as it is not mine, but i would love to share it still as it is from a blog I follow full of yummy recipes which are all clean eating and all the ones I have tried are delicious.  This lemon and coconut loaf is dairy, gluten and nut free..  https://wholefoodsimply.com/lemon-coconut-loaf/

Worth checking out. Here is a picture of mine just baked out of the oven I can’t wait to be eating some later mmmmm mmm.


This week brings another busy week, while I am not travelling for work this week, I do have an extremely long day in the city on Tuesday training for work, which means a really long crowded train ride, and possibly a 12 to 14 hour day by the time I count in all the travel. Yuk. I have reports to be done for work and we are awaiting some work news for wednesday to do with our current positions so no doubt I will be tired this week, which has really got me focusing on my health again and the fact I know most of the time my health problems link back to my gut health. So it will be back to lots of meal preparation to ensure I am eating well and doing the right things and ensuring I am exercising, we did get in a small run while it was sprinkling with rain yesterday so that was good. I have my pt sessions early monday morning and I even manage to do a workout in my hotel rooms while away for work, one that my PT gave to me, it involves doing 10 different exercises up to the count of 100, so the first exercise is 10 reps, the next 20 reps, then 30 and so on all the way up to 100……… then you do it all backwards counting down from 100! Yep it’s exhausting but a early good whole body workout without any equipment! Well ok I did have to substitute a chair for something to do my step ups  on and use this for trice dips in the motel room, but with the chair and a towel I had everything I needed. it’s just time I started running everyday again, it’ll be more 4:30am starts than just monday mornings now!

I have seen a lot of lately you only live once, so eat what you want and enjoy life and while I agree that life is to be enjoyed and I don’t believe in denying yourself foods you enjoy, I do know how I feel when I eat certain ways compared to others, so this is why I do a lot of cooking, baking and experimenting to still enjoy foods I love but that make me feel good to, because lets face it I am not going to enjoy life if I feel awful all the time.

I now have a plan and timeline in place for some items I have been working on, so all going well some big plans will start to show through and come to fruition early next year, and some a little sooner than that, what are these plans you ask….. well we can’t quite say right now, you will all just have to stay tuned!

I had best be going to help Tim with some dinner preparations as we have guests coming over and I am keen before the afternoon ends to enjoy some lemon and coconut loaf. Today I would like to leave you the readers all with some questions, I love to share our cooking adventures and recipes… So I want to know what you would like to see us create next? Or are you searching for a certain recipe you’d like to add that healthy touch to, make a gluten free or paleo version of? let me know and we may just answer that request.


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