Sashimi Uterus.

It was a cold and rainy night, the peppercorns had flowered and the salt had dried, a candle blew in the wind as a shadow comes past….. It was Tim returning from his man cave where he was hanging my uterus……. Stay tuned for next month testicles on toast!!!

No this didn’t really happen, we haven’t gone completely mad, this is just a sample of our conversation the other night. Tim’s attempt in making me laugh while I was in pain.

Our conversation started a little like this as we were lying in bed, me feeling very ordinary while putting up with that pain that usually haunts me for a few days each month, ah the joys of being a woman :/

Me: I think you need to get the kitchen knife out

Tim: Ok we’ll get rid of it………  but seeing as we are all about nose to tail how are we going to eat it

Me: (saying this next part while not being able to stop laughing) I don’t know that can be your mission for tomorrow google how to cook uterus

Tim: Well I know you have to wash it, salt it and pat it dry…. Then run it over with a car, this could be the title of your next blog entry, the night we ate my uterus or sashimi uterus

And so this is where today’s title comes from, brought to you by Tim…. If anything I may have been in pain, but he made me laugh..

Moving on now, It has been toooooo long, to long since I have had the time to sit and post in my blog, while I am a little disappointed that I haven’t made the time, It doesn’t really matter now does it, as I am sitting here this afternoon making the time now.

We’ve had changes with my job, lots of travel, emergency Friday night trips to the vet, more trip planning and booking and just lots of craziness really, this holiday can not arrive quick enough as I just can not wait to relax.

Our little suburban river cottage is doing quite nicely, we harvested lots of broccoli, beetroot, carrots and some cauliflower during our winter crop as well as spinach, chilli and chives. Now I am noticing spring has well and truly sprung, the blueberry and strawberry plants are flowering along with the lemon tree and you would not believe it, but Robert has made a recovery, with lots of baby Roberts sprouting from the ground where Robert was planted! We may have raspberries next year yet! We have decided that if there is babies though, perhaps it should be Roberta not Robert.

The bay leaf ban still remains in place :/. I have noticed our heirloom seeds we planted are sprouting, the garlic and onion plants are maturing well and would be ready for harvest when we arrive back from our trip in November. The spinach continues to grow wildly.

Tim has been busy building to, making some new items for our outdoor area, I won’t share them yet as they are yet to be complete, but so far he’s done an amazing job. We might need to plan a get together when we are back from overseas and make use of our great outdoor space and use some of our great fresh produce to create some yummy meals for friends.

As mentioned, in our busy times a couple of weeks ago our beautiful Doberman Missy gave us a second big scare! The second one for this year, this time I was at home on my own on a Friday night, Tim had gone to meet friends for lunch that day and still hadn’t returned from the pub (he is on completely different time when at the pub) But I didn’t mind, the puppies and I had settled for a Friday night in after I had an exhausting week at work, I was in my pjs already and it was about 9pm. I noticed suddenly Missy acting very strangely trying to vomit but she could’t, concerned I took her outside, she tried some more and more and still couldn’t which I found unusual as this dog has never had a problem vomiting if she has needed to.

We went back inside, I looked down at her and her stomach was the size of a large balloon! I knew this wasn’t good, I phoned the emergency number for the vet and told him which put me through to the veterinary surgery in Bomaderry, I explained what was happening and the vet was like “You need to get her here now!”

I ran in to the room grabbed a jumper to put over my pjs and rang Tim in a panic

Me: “I need to take missy to the vet now she has a twisted stomach”

Tim: “Ok, ok I am on my way home now, pick me up on the way”

Me: (yelling down the phone) “I don’t have time to be talking to you, I need to get the dogs in the car and get them to the vet”

Tim: (remaining calm) “ok I’m walking now just pick me up on the way”

Me: (panicked) “I don’t have time to talk to you” (hangs up)

I somehow manage to lift a 30 kilo Doberman and 35 kilo Labrador in to the back of my car, chuck my wallet on the floor of my car and get in, I start the car and go to get Tim, drive up the wrong street, Tim calls I yell at him that I can’t find him and I need to get to the vet now, I eventually find him and begin driving.

As we drive tim says “I might sit in the back to keep missy calm”

Me: (still very panicked) “I don’t care jut make your decision, don’t talk to me right now, I can’t even”

Tim:(still very calm and now sitting in the back) “Just remember we need to get there safely”

Me: (snapping while panicked) “I’m driving fine”

I then as driving to the vet forget where I threw maw wallet and begin to panic that I left it on the drive way, while Tim reminds me just to drive and not worry, I still panic and after what seems like forever we pull up at the vet get out leaving the car open and rush inside. The vet looks at Missy and begins explaining about the twisted stomach and how he’ll have to do surgery straight away. I apologise for being in my pyjamas :/ (like that even matters) The vet begins to explain some more about the surgery and I just stand there thinking just operate already!! Not the vets fault I know I just wanted our Missy to be ok.

He gets me to sign the paperwork, we give Missy a big hug and kiss her and Snikkers, Tim and I walk out to the car, I get in the drivers seat and just fall apart, tears start down my face and I just pray and ask my Dad to be watching over Missy and please let her be ok.

We get home and three sad sacks we sit on the lounge together I cry a little more, Snikkers frets then falls asleep with her head on the laptop I have on my lap googling twisted stomach in dogs, we wait a long couple of hours at 11pm the vet calls Tim talks to him.

Missy is out of surgery, she is doing ok, he will monitor her overnight and call us in the morning. We breathe a sigh of relief for now, but still worried and all three of us move to the bed, where we settle in for a night of no sleep….. Except for Snikkers who manages to sleep across the bed instead of down the bed Tim and I stuck on the edges either side of her and she snores her head of allllllll night, Tim eventually joining her in snoring and me laying awake hoping Missy os ok, after all she is 12 years old.

The next morning the phone rings at 7:30am It is Neil the vet, he calls earlier than expected as he thought he would put us out of our misery, Missy has done well overnight and will probably need to stay at the vet the whole weekend! What the…… A whole weekend my heart sinks I know it is where she needs to be but I won’t feel better until she’s back home with us.

I sigh get up out of bed as I know I won’t sleep anyway, Snikkers follows off the bed, she walks outside and looks around, walks back in over to Missy’s bed, walks to the lounge room looks around and then looks at me… I know she is looking for missy this also breaks my heart.

After a slow morning we eventually decide to take Snikkers for a walk along the beach, she loves it and I enjoy the sunshine after walking we return home. Snikkers sits sadly on her outdoor bed, I sit down near her, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

We wait until 11am when I call Neil for an update. “She is doing surprisingly well he says, she has been out to the toilet which is a great sign and I am very impressed with her ability to cover a whole food bowl with a blanket using her nose” he says “even if this is a bit neurotic behaviour”

I laugh a little, Missy does this at home with bones to bury them in her bed, and also does this to her food bowl when she is not happy with something. I know then that I think she will be ok.

Neil explains if they can get her to eat and she is doing ok she might be able to come home the next morning. I ask about what they are feeding her, he says they tried chicken necks, I know she won’t eat these for a large dog she isn’t fussed on bones, she normally has chicken mince. Neil explains “well Chooksy’s it is then” (a bbq chicken place down the road from the vet) I laugh again, trust Missy to manage to get them to resort to buying her bbq chicken for dinner. Neil rings again at 7:30 that night to let us know Missy is still doing well and to ring at 9am in the morning.

Another long night passes with little sleep and waking up with a sore back as Snikkers hogs all the bed again! I wait until 8:55am can’t wait any longer I call, Neil says “You can come get her at 10 she just does not really want to be here” I laugh and say “good because we want her home”

We pick Missy up at 10, our original plan was to put Snikkers in the very back of the car and for Missy to sit on the backseat with Tim, we get not even two minutes down the road and I look back in the rear vision mirror Snikkers is on Tim’s lap in the back seat, I look in disbelief “Did she manage to jump over the back seat” I ask “Yep” Tim replies. This dog who can’t even jump in to the back of my car from the ground manages to jump from the back over the cargo cover and seat as she is just so excited to see her Missy. As you can see from the pictures below she was so happy when we got Missy home.

Missy a couple of weeks on is all back to herself, eating fine happy and playing you’d never even know what she went through. She’s a tough one our Missy. I can not thank Neil and the staff at Bomaderry Vet Clinic enough for saving her life, keeping us so updated and taking such good care of her. They are fantastic. Bomaderry Veterinary Hospital

As we sit this afternoon and type Missy plays with her toy bat, Snikkers tail wags profusely as she jumps on Tim sharing his excitement while he cheers and shakes his hands over the football game on TV, and I smile this is what Sunday afternoons should be, simple and spent with those you care about. I have already done some baking Almond and Lemon cupcakes with white and milk chocolate drizzle and toasted coconut and plan to make some egg breakfast muffins for breakfasts at work during the week.

I have two incredibly busy weeks coming up with lots of travel for work, lucky our holiday is only 29 days away! No I’m not counting at all 😀 bring on Hawaii, New York, Toronto, LA, Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco I can’t wait to share lots of pics and short blog entries of our adventures as we go!

I have decided to leave you all this week with one of my favourite salad recipes summer dinners, with spring having hit and the lovely sunshine we have started to have salads for dinner again and paddle board after work!

Lemon Garlic Chicken with Spinach, Pistachio and Pomegranate salad 

For the chicken:

1 large chicken breast

1 Large clove of garlic crushed

Juice of 1 Lemon

Fresh oregano and thyme 

Chop the fresh herbs, add them to a bowl with the lemon juice and garlic mix well.

Chop the chicken breast in to large pieces, marinate with them lemon and garlic in the fridge for at least an hour.

For the Salad:

Large handful of baby Spinach leaves 

Handful Roasted pistachio nuts (I roast my own but you can buy them roasted)

Pomegranate seeds as many as you like (These add a nice burst of fresh sweetness to the dish)

1 Chopped avocado in to cubes

Half a cucumber thinly sliced

Small handful of thinly sliced Chinese cabbage

Mix all salad ingredients together.

at this point you should be ready to cook the chicken I did mine in the pan with a small amount of coconut oil, cooking until starts to brown and cooked through. Allow chicken to sit for a moment once cooked then chop across in to thin slices and place on top of the salad. 

Enjoy 🙂







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