Maggsy and Kristy take on the US and Toronto Part 2 – New York, New York!

In my last blog entry I focused on the first part of our trip and of course our elopement, during this entry I hope to give some highlights of the rest of the places we visited on our holiday turned honeymoon.

A few days after our elopement surprise we packed up again to get on a flight to New York.

New York day 1:

We arrive early in the morning, checking out of the airport is much quicker when it is not an international flight, however it takes some time for us to be placed on our shuttle, we flew overnight with little sleep on the flight so are both quite tired.

After getting our shuttle we finally arrive at our hotel the Hilton Manhattan East, the door man opens the door for us to wander in with our bags…. Do we tip?? we both question ourselves a little unsure, we head for the desk the time is around 6:30am, we fix up our details and leave our bags to be stored… Asking the hotel concierge where the best place for breakfast would be, he directs us towards Denny’s diner talking pancakes, knowing I wont be able to eat them being gluten-free and wanting to try to be healthy we walk outside to make our own way in to the big wide world that is Manhattan New York.

Walking down the street looking in awe and taking in the sights of all the big buildings surrounding us, so many streets, so many places, where do we head? What do we do? We finally find a small place selling semi healthy breakfast and stop here to eat, I am desperate for a coffee but know the US just doesn’t do coffee the same as Aus, so I grab a green smoothie to go with my meal.

After breakfast we continue to walk and walk and walk…… with no clear direction, we eventually arrive in Rockefeller centre and sit down in the sunshine, we watch as people ice skate in the rink set up nearby.

We are both feeling cold,  Tim is the only one around wearing shorts and thongs, which attracts attention and stares from everyone…  I have tights and a jumper on as I get cold on the flights but am still freezing! It’s not snowing but it feels like it should be! I tell Tim we should buy him some jeans and shoes, he wants me to buy a jacket, this is the argument of choice as we walk some more…. taking in an amazing church, the craziness of the traffic as it starts to become thicker and the numerous people who appear to be talking to themselves.

After much debate we end up in a clothing store where I end up trying on and after ten minutes of arguing with Tim as I am stubborn and say I won’t buy it unless he buys pants, I end up buying a very good quality black insulated coat, and it is under half price…. and boy am I so glad I did as I not only wore it that whole day but it came in handy for the next leg of our trip.

We walk, me in my new Jacket to find the Tiffany store and check out the window displays, we had both watched a documentary on Tiffany’s on the plane and were keen to check out the displays. The window displays are absolutely amazing, the finer details, the way it’s all been thought out and placed together so intricately, I could stand and look at each one for some time. We are both to nervous to walk inside… (wish we had of just done it now) we get the mandatory photograph and head off to check out central park.


Central park gave us our first taste of squirrels…. so cute I think as we see them scurrying around the park. Sitting exhausted and needing sleep. Eventually we get a taxi back to our hotel, asking if we can check in early. The hotel attendant explains our room isn’t ready but says she will do her best to try ensure its ready soon… we both sit in the foyer fighting off sleep… Tim nodded off, I tried to stay awake…. with my head falling every few minutes, finally they are able to give us our room, we make our way up, waited for our bags tipped the bell boy and jumped in to the large bed sleeping and sleeping.

We fight to get ourselves up that night, but we manage to get up, shower and make our way our for dinner, we walk to Times Square. On the way we wait for a taxi moving out of a driveway, another pedestrian doesn’t wait and the taxi driver yells out his window “You’re supposed to wait like them you moron” to which the pedestrian replies “You’re the fucking moron” and an argument continues, we stand still watching not knowing whether to cross the driveway or not.

Arriving at Times square, it is absolute chaos, we just squeeze in to a spot and follow the direction of the crowd, taking in the big screens, bright lights, we walk through the two story M&M’s store and watch as street performers do their thing, others push through the crowds of people and two people who had gotten married have photos in the street. We found a quiet little place a few streets away for dinner starting with cocktails and eating a delicious meal.


When walking back towards our hotel, we take in some places we think might be worth visiting the next morning and we both note how the all of the lights are so bright and buildings so tall that you can not actually see a star in the sky! Tim and I look at one another and both comment how grateful we feel to live somewhere we can see the stars.

We walk back to our room for sleep once again.

Day 2:

Day 2 We get up and get ready to go, hailing a yellow cab we ask to go to the world trade centre, sitting back, we watch as the driver cuts other drivers off in traffic, people yell out their car windows and we almost end up straight in the side of another car when turning a corner. We take in the sight of the water and bridges eventually stopping at the world trade centre where we get out, we walk through the shopping building first then outside to the memorial.

The memorial of where the twin towers stood is eerie and silent, standing there all the noise from the surrounding streets drowns out, goosebumps pass over my arms as I stop to take in and read the flight numbers and names of all the people who had passed in this tragedy, names of people I never knew but those names will forever be stuck in the back of my mind as I live each day grateful for the life I have been blessed with. After spending some time in silence at both of the memorial sites of the two towers which once would have stood so tall within the city, we walk to try to find some breakfast.

Food in America, I should have really done more research….. their idea of foods to eat for breakfast can be quite strange and even harder being gluten-free, we find a little store where I manage to get a cup of tea and yogurt but not much else, although even the tea tasted different so I really didn’t drink it, offering this to a girl sitting out in the street with a sign for food. she gratefully takes this from my hands.

Thank god for google maps which we next used to make our way to the Brooklyn Bridge, and wow how many people cross this bridge daily is amazing. It was a case of jump in line and stay in that line and off you go, taking an odd opening in a gap to over take over someone who may walk slower than you. Below is a photo I captured while on the bridge.


We make our way across the bridge taking in the sight and structure of the bridge and the surroundings, once in Brooklyn, we walk looking around and made our way to something that had been on my to do list……  Jane’s Carousel  an amazing old carousel which has been restored and lives in a glass building on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, we bought tickets and ride the Carousel, feeling like a little girl as I sat on the horse and the wind blew my hair back a little, the carousel music played, I instantly couldn’t help but smile… taking a deep breath I observe the work put in to restoring the carousel the colours, the pictures, the detail of every horse and chair. It was amazing.

After our ride, we head back outside, watching the people as they walked past, one couple getting engagement photos taken by the water, another couple stand taking a selfie and a family sit nearby eating ice cream. I love people watching.

We walk some more on a peer nearby, Tim buys ice cream as I waited for a bathroom, and waited and waited some more. We walk and look around Brooklyn a little, then make our way back to the bridge to walk back across, still just as crowded we walk along with the crowds once again on this magnificent structure.

Once across the other side, both tired we jump in a cab and travel back to our hotel. Along the way seeing some of the more expensive areas of New York, trendy stores and beautiful buildings.


As we drive nearer to our hotel we take note of food places, realising we haven’t really eaten all day, we stop the taxi pay and jump out and walk down a road to get some food, by this time it’s around 5pm. We choose a place to eat, sit down our waitress passes us menus and asks if we would like drinks… I instantly order a cocktail, Tim a corona and we quickly begin reading the menu as I realise I am incredibly hungry….

The cocktail and corona arrive and we order meals, the size of the cocktail is a lot bigger than most I have ever seen and from reading the ingredients has four different types of alcohol in it… I don’t seem to realise how thirsty I am either, it doesn’t take long not for me to finish my oversized cocktail… I instantly feel happy and am encouraging Tim to order another drink for us both… (those who know us know this doesn’t really happen and is normally the other way around). Our second round of drinks arrive, I have ordered the same, still no food but I’m not worried anymore about my hunger and the fact I have eaten next to nothing all day.


Our waitress comes back to check on us, she asks where we are from, conversation leads to our trip and our elopement, she reacts with excitement and tells us how awesome that is…. I drink the next cocktail and order another…

As we sit and wait for our food I am feeling extra happy, chatting away, laughing…. As we were on our trip Tim and I made notes about the trip in his phone….. I believe his notes about this moment go something like this…. Kristy sniffs the gin and is instantly drunk, the cycle of the drunk happy and loud talking about dancing, minutes later delusional talking about spices driving taxis and now angry drunk when I told her I was going to drink her drink…. Third drink in and now posh Kristy’ 

We eventually get our food eat and leave the restaurant, walking back to our room, once in the room I lay on the bed, drunk text a friend to tell her I think I am drunk….. Ten minutes back in the room, things are not so good, my happiness turns to sickness very quickly……. I am in our hotel bathroom and am so so sick (I think this is around 7pm). I’m so lucky to have Tim ever behind the camera catching the moment I get up!


After being sick several times, I stay hunched over the bowl crying, Tim tries to come in I don’t let him, he later says he needs the bathroom but I can not move. I am still so sick. I finally manage to crawl in to the shower and turn it on have a hot shower for I don’t know how long…… I finally crawl out and look at the time…. 11pm 😦 most people would think ‘ah that’s ok’ not for us we have to be up at midnight to be ready to catch our shuttle to the airport for our next flight :O I crawl in to bed and sleep for the hour I can.

12:00pm we are both up I shower again then Tim we tidy up and pack our luggage, I sit on the floor still feeling awful, Tim takes a picture of me again, then the old line of “I’m not drinking again this trip” we wait downstairs, get our shuttle to the airport.

IMG_8266 2

We tell the shuttle driver we are flying united, the airline I had booked the flights through. We wait and wait and wait, I really need something to eat and some water, nothing is open. We go to check in, only to find out although I booked through united our flight is with Air Canada, holy moly….. (putting it politely)  feeling awful we have to find the airport train and catch it to a new terminal, we do this, check in at the machine and wait in line to check our luggage, they aren’t open yet, so we wait wait wait me feeling more green….. Tim’s line in his notes was “Kristy is hungover as fuck” 

We wait some more, I feel awful…. I need to go to the bathroom I am going to be sick I tell Tim… I leave him in line to find a bathroom and as I walk I feel little better, I go to the bathroom but am not sick so return to line up.

We wait and wait some more it’s getting closer to the time they will open the line to check bags, but I just feel awful…. We have to leave the line so I can go to the bathroom again, again not sick we return this time to the end of the line….. The guy who had been standing behind us offers for us to go back to our place, but there are more people now and they don’t know we were first in line so we politely decline.

We watch an employee from Air Canada loose his shit over seemingly nothing and order people about…. he is cranky! I just want to get out of here.

We check in our bags and as we line up to go through customs the line is huge, I see something open I tell Tim to wait in line and I go line up buying a 600ml coke and the most awful oily hash browns ever, but m,y god in my state they were good, I eat as many as i can while we are still in line as I can’t take it through and drink as much of the coke as I can throwing it out. But even Tim comments I have colour again.

We go through customs and make it to the gate to wait for our flight, I buy a packet of chips and more coke (great breakfast Kristy) but I feel instantly better just more tired….. New York you got the better of me.

I wish now we had of spent more time in New York despite the craziness, how extremely busy it is and the amount of people, there’s just something about it, something a little magical amongst the crazy.. I hope to return to explore more one day as I know we wouldn’t have even touched the sides.

Thank god our flight to Toronto is only an hour! Next entry, how I fell in love with Toronto, catch ups with friends I made on Contiki, Niagara Falls and we actually met crazy dog lady!!


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